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vader en zoon

Because photos remember what people forget.

gratis fotoshoot


A masterful portrait is like a painting on the wall. Timeless and unique.
You can have these finished with an old frame that you still have in the attic or you can give them a hip and modern look.

The eye-catcher for your interior!



On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect: a fairytale wedding dress, the perfect location with detailed decoration,  the sparkliest bubbles and a DJ who knows how to get a party going.


A photographer should therefore not be missing to capture your day!



Are you an entrepreneur? Then you want a business portrait, contemporary and professional.

As an employee, you know that your boss or your future employer is checking your social media profiles.

Overwhelm your environment with a professional profile photo shoot  of yourself.

professionele profielfoto


Kristel is a photographer.  

Kristel is an art photographer.

Kristel is an illustrator.  

Kristel is a volunteer at the non-profit organization Boven De Wolken.  

Kristel digitizes your old photos.  

More info can be found here!

new york i love you

Carolyn K, from Hoboken

And then… there was Kristel, the photographer who also makes illustrations. Kristel knows me a little better, of course, but knew in just four words where I wanted to go. I had abandoned the photos, but wanted to show graphically what I was not told in photos.


Kristel has a typical Kristel style. Anyone who has seen her illustrations recognizes the hand of the master. I wanted that style… but putting a creative person to work also gives you confidence.


But Kristel came back with three illustrations that perfectly match my split personality. Professional then... ;-)


Dominique S, from Mechelen

Somewhere on a Wednesday afternoon I mobilized my husband and kids who informed me in advance that "hopefully it won't take too long eh!" However, once arrived I saw my boys all melt in front of your camera. The kids couldn't even get enough of it and you had to keep taking pictures of them doing all kinds of crazy poses for the camera. You gave us a very nice afternoon.


And then the result: beyond my expectations! The clothes make the man they say, but in our white naked shirt the real soul of each of us came out! Each photo really shows who we are. And it was for me to do that essence. And you did it! Congrats!



I wanted to thank you again for the great cooperation. You took beautiful atmospheric photos at the launch of the new logo of 

Dolphin Heart Center.

I will always remember this and you have immortalized these fine moments with great feeling.

Thank you very much for the good cooperation.

Much love, Heidi.

Heidi V, from Hove

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