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Determines when to let go. 

A beautiful quote from an even more beautiful non-profit organization.
As a volunteer photographer at 'Boven de Wolken' I want to support parents of deceased babies by doing something I can: photograph.  In this way I give them a tangible memory in my own way. At least I hope so.

It goes without saying that no photos of this are shown. Those pictures are for the parents only.

boven de wolken

L, A and M*,  from Antwerp

Dear Kristel,  

Meeting you by chance turned out to be an unexpected gift that we are very, very happy with. We are extremely happy with the photos, especially those of A. leaning forward next to M.'s and both of us with M*. in our hands.

The photos are perfect!

We laughed intensely, cried and enjoyed the photos and we will continue to do so.

All thanks, tribute and love to you!

L, A and M*.

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