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cats and dogs


You and your pet are inseparable! Come to our photo studio and enjoy an unconditional photo opportunity together. 

cats and dogs

Vanessa D, from Hoboken

Kristel, we visited with two young (and crazy) dogs. What an experience.  Your patience with our 6 and 3 month old puppies was overwhelming. But since I already know you a little, that wasn't really a surprise. What was a surprise was the first taster! What a beautiful picture. Our two little devils, the proud and fiery Drama and the little Dobby who looks up to his bigger and possibly wiser half-sister - or maybe just thinks "when I'll finally be bigger, I can beat her!" Isn't that a sign of a good photo – that one is looking for a story behind it or maybe just making it up? After an hour and a lot of flash (which the puppies didn't mind at all) Kristel took many beautiful pictures for us. Now the difficult task of selecting the most beautiful ones and having them printed. We will definitely have a few in our home and these artistic photos will also belong in our shop.

Thank you Crystal! Photographic talent galore.

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