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Dear visitor,

After much thought, European scholars have decided, among other things, that I should place a page on my website with some candid confessions, habits and plans for the future.
It is about "privacy", described in Van Dale as "the possibility to be completely yourself in one's own environment: violating someone's privacy and interfering with his private life unsolicited."

Being on my mailing list means that your name and email address is somewhere on a computer that I have access to. My memory isn't reliable enough to memorize this data, so I certainly won't. On the other hand I have no idea how long that computer can remember it so assume that is forever and three days... UNLESS
you click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the mail, that's plain and clear English to say: it's taken long enough, I don't want to hear, read or see anything from you without my asking.
If that word is illegible, untraceable or unclickable, you can also return the email with the request if I want to click on it to start this forgetting process.
In that case: thanks for the attention and have a good day...

If I know you as a "customer", then I have made an invoice for you and you have your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, VAT number and possibly some other things in my personal computer. I never try to erase that data, and hope my computer doesn't lose its mind one day. There are electronic medicines for that memory loss that we call "back-up". I try to make these regularly to the best of my ability and to keep them in places that I'm not going to say.

As a company, one of my main tasks is to take pictures.
I store it electronically in the same way, possibly with your name on it. I never try to delete it unless there is a good reason for it at the time.
If your photo is shown here on the website, my social media or other channels, you have ever given permission for this.
  Usually this was with a printed signed document to publish photos taken in any form. This may also have been via email. At the same time, everyone was informed sufficiently and clearly about this orally and was able to stop the publication at that time without discussion. I'm the kind of person who takes someone at their word. My memory sometimes forgets something, but appointments with people, I have a horse memory for that. I never assume that silence equals saying yes, because it is always talked about until everything is clear.
If someone no longer wants to see their photo on my website or social media pages, you can just let me know and I will remove it. Copyright law prohibits unsolicited copying of my photos. So if your photos show up somewhere where neither I nor you expect them, then this is beyond my control.

As a good family man I try to protect all this data as well as possible against theft by third parties (thieves, hackers, scammers, terrorists, gangsters and others). I use both electronic and mechanical means that I hope are sufficiently resistant to these people. If I become aware of a "burglary", I will report this to the police and the Belgian privacy commission (
I will never sell your data to anyone. On the other hand, selling photos is my job and I hope to be able to do that as much as possible. I will not sell any photos to persons or companies for which they are not intended.
Sometimes I take pictures of people in a 'Time For Portfolio' system and that is precisely intended to disseminate those photos as far as possible through all means and channels. The photos may also be sold to any organization or individual without further notice. They can also be used in publications. Everyone who is in that photo at that moment knows that, and has signed a document for it.

If you would rather see the matter with your own eyes, you can always make an appointment by sending an email to or by sending a letter with the list of what you want to see, delete or change from your own data. Then we will solve that neatly in a way that nobody's night's sleep is endangered.
This website
My website uses non-edible "cookies". That is a collection of electronically written ones and zeros that are intended to remember things on your own computer that you don't suspect can be useful. I also use an analysis program to know what is being watched, but it is impossible for me to see who is doing this. Unfortunately, technology has its limits.

My working method will probably not change in the future. If so, I don't know how and it's hard to explain.
For a number of things I keep making a sheet in which our verbal agreements are written down. Although the trust of a handshake is worth more to me than a scribble intended for later professional wranglers.

Then I have an obligation to tell you the following: if something in all this above prose is not clear, I will gladly explain it with hands and feet until you must understand it. You come by after appointment, I make tea or coffee, and you bring two pateekes.
Closing (almost done):
I've done a lot of research, been to a few courses, and especially often sighed because many contradict each other. I am not a lawyer and hope never to be. From those courses I have remembered three things as the publication may be: understandable, concise and in your own words.
I will rewrite this whole rimram in a few pages, which I will supplement with details. I print it neatly and knock a pin through it. I christen this bundle with the all-meaning name "register" and put it somewhere on a shelf where you and other people can come and read it and learn it by heart.

Stay positive !
This text has been written in all honesty with the intent that you read it in the spirit that emanates from it. It is not intended for letter-splitting and hunting for possible errors. I hope that I comply with the European GDPR guidelines, and if not, anyone who knows more about it can let me know.
Thank you for your valued attention and sorry for the inconvenience.
I solemnly promise that I will try to give the other pages on this site a slightly more photographic, artistic or pedagogical character.

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