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Looking for a unique work of art to give your empty walls some more color and style? 

kunst te koop


The last old photo of your deceased grandmother. 

That one photo where you stood among all your brothers in the seventies, in a row in the dunes.

That yellowed photo with your favorite uncle.

That cracked photo you've kept in your wallet for years.

You emptied your late father's closet and all the siblings want that same photo.  


You can have your photos scanned by me, I will restore them digitally and print them in the desired multiple, in the same format or larger.  

Each photo has its own story, its own points of interest.  

So come into the store during opening hours and ask for information and a quote without obligation so that I can give you your memories. 

digitale restauratie


My illustrations give a different and new look  on the things around us.

Step inside the store and discover the range of greeting cards and wrapping paper. Do you want to give a unique gift and wrap it uniquely? Then you've come to the right place.



Determines when to let go.  

A beautiful quote from  an even nicer non-profit organization.

As a volunteer photographer at 'Above de Wolken' I want parents of deceased babies  a heart  under the belt by something I can do: photographing. 

boven de wolken
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