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Professional photographers thank the caregivers for their efforts during the corona crisis.
During the Weekend of the Client, a team of the best portrait photographers puts care in the spotlight.
Every care provider can take a picture with his family for free in a professional on those days
photo studio.

“The Customer's Weekend is normally one big party,” says portrait photographer Yves Nevens. "Already
For more than ten years there have been big festivities with a lot of visitors on those days, but because of the corona
measures, this is of course excluded this year. That's why we looked for a nice alternative.
Because my wife is active in the care sector herself, the link was soon made between photography and
the care. So we are going to thank these people in our way and that by making them a professional
to offer a photo.”

Kristel Nijskens from is now an established value in Boom and
surroundings. “With my characteristic portrait photography I try to put the person in the spotlight

because for me the person in front of the lens is important. The healthcare staff has
on the other hand, they have been able to spend little time in recent months with what is for them
is important and that is why I give them quality time with their family!”

Meanwhile, just before the 2th lockdown, I was allowed to photograph more than 70 caregivers and their families! An honor to do! 

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