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During the Weekend of the Client in October, a team of the best portrait photographers put healthcare in the spotlight.
Every care provider can take a picture with his family for free in a professional on those days
photo studio.

This is how I was allowed to photograph more than 70 caregivers and their families just before the 2th lockdown!

fotografen voor de zorg


Corona... I think that's the most used word these days. Why? Because it has an impact on us as humans, but also on us as entrepreneurs. 
It's no different for me as a photographer in Boom's trading center.

The support we receive as an entrepreneur helps many to get through this difficult period. But the water will also be on the lips of many people in the meantime. Reserves melt like snow in the sun if you have to invest in new products at a time when the previous collection is still in stock.  


That's why I decided to open the doors of my photo studio and put the Boomers in the spotlight. To give a face to the people who, with great enthusiasm and much more uncertainty, try to keep their business up in these difficult times. Also support the (small) entrepreneurs.


middenstand van Boom
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