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Put your product in the spotlight professionally. 

With the right product photos, your website will stand out and your webshop, brochures and product sheets will have the same look and feel.

Through an online intake conversation I first listen to your wishes and story. This way we can make a perfect offer.


Lander V, from Hoboken

As the owner and manager of a webshop, we know that catchy visual material is a must. Now we work with a product that is difficult to capture in an image, namely wine. Without boring you with the technicalities, I can say that taking decent & consistent photos of bottles of wine is very difficult. Despite Kristel's specialization in people and animals, we are very satisfied with the services she provides us. Every time we receive the perfect bottle shots, which have a clear added value for our webshop. Highly recommended.

Lander V, & Winelovers


Pieter G, from Schilde

Scapa, you know the clothing brand, is a good and important customer for my company. This means that a new order often requires rapid switching. I was asked to design a large billboard on which three pairs of shoes were to be displayed. The shoes were there, but the pictures weren't there yet. Fortunately, Kristel helped me out of the emergency very quickly and professionally. In her photo studio she has the necessary equipment, from experience she knows how to handle such a shoot quickly and well. In no time I had my necessary photo material, the end result of the first shot was hit, my reassured customer could immediately put the billboard into production. Kristel, thank you for working quickly and well, thank you for helping me to a satisfied customer.

Pieter G, Bite Graphic Design

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