UPDATE June 2021, 9 pm

Dear photography enthusiast,

Good news! Relax the measures!

We will of course continue to monitor everything about what is possible and what is not.  


  • Frames, photo books, passport photos ... do you need something from the store? Then you can walk in during opening hours. If these hours do not fit, you can of course make an appointment at another time.

  • A photo shoot in the studio is also done by appointment, but that is always the case. If you don't come alone, but if you bring a bubble companion, you can also leave your mouth mask during the shoot. (I'll keep mine, of course). There are currently restrictions on the number of people who can enter at the same time. Ask for it! 

  • If we shoot outside, in a place of your choice, then we can do that with a maximum of ten. I am one of the ten, a child up to 12 years is not. If the models do not live under the same roof, they must also keep a distance of one and a half meters during the shoot.

  • I can come back to take pictures at your home. Of course I keep my mouth mask on.

  • I can attend a worship service. 

  • The same rules apply to B2B shoots, so I can come to your company to take professional photos.  

You can make an appointment by phone, mail, whatsapp, Messenger or via our online booking system, whichever is easiest for you.


With a lot of love for photography, 

Crystal and Jan.



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