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A lifestyle photo shoot shows who you are.  

In addition to your professional photo session, this is a nice addition to your company. This way you show how you take your break, what your workspace looks like. And show you the company style.  

Through an online intake conversation I first listen to your wishes and story. This way we can make a perfect offer.


Hendrik H, from Antwerp

With this testimonial I would like to

Thanks to Kristel for the cooperation  to the creation of a sales booklet and also an e-book.

A beautiful flawless collaboration and communication. Collaboration pays off.

My sincere thanks!

Hendrik H,


Josefien B, from Antwerp

Kristel puts people at ease, we felt welcome in the photo studio and she consulted us well about the desired results. In addition to the end result, we also thought it was a very nice experience and a good end to the working week.  

After the photo shoot we had a wide choice of images from which we could select our preferred images ourselves.  

Soon there will be a number of photos on our new website.


Stijn S, from Temse

Experimenting with different light sources and different angles to achieve the best result is what you can expect at Kristel. Being completely yourself when you're in front of the lens isn't always easy, but Kristel always succeeds.  

Ultimately, there are many photographers who can take a photo and work with light, but what makes Kristel unique in her profession? The service, the passion and the innovation she puts into her profession. She is always up to date with the latest in the photographic world, but that's not all...

Where most only focus on getting the job done, Kristel always puts the customer first. After several visits to her photo studio, something has changed every time to pamper the visitors even more.

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